Thursday, 30 July 2009

A New Fishing Venue

New fish 3 New fish 2
New fish 1 Bizibilder had another day out fishing today. Just for a change he decided to try a new venue. There are dozens of lakes and rivers in Norfolk but Bizibilder has not been very adventurous! Dunham is a tiny village close to where Bizibilder lives and so he tried his luck there. It is an interesting venue as it was constructed in the late 1960’s by damming and flooding an old railway cutting (Oh dear, Dr Beeching again!!) Ownership of the land has been with the same family for generations. The lakes are well stocked and have been allowed to become quite weedy. This has resulted in an exellent natural balance and crystal clear water.

Bizibilder did manage to catch a few small fish as he spent quite a bit of the day looking around the place and dodging thunderstorms.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

As well as making things with his hands Bizibilder likes to make things grow. These pictures are part of todays lunch - fresh out of Bizibilders vegetable patch.

Whilst reloading all the stuff that Bizibilder had on his old computer to the new one, he remembered his favourite computer game of all time. In fact it is the only computer game that Bizibilder has owned and played! He has, over the years. become quite an expert at it. It is a citybuilding game set in ancient Egypt, along the banks of the river Nile.

"Pharaoh" is much more of a game of thought and strategy. You build a series of towns and cities, people arrive and you have to tend their every need as they progress to the heights of Egyptian society (if you let them!!).

The screenshot shown here is the first scene of the first mission. You can see a few ostriches - they make exellent food! a road and a grassy area to build on. The brown muddy areas around the edges are the floodplain of the Nile itself. Eventually Bizibilder will be able to farm these to provide more food for his citizens.

Bizibilder may play through this game again over the next few months - he will, of course, keep you informed as to his progress.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Things have been amiss in the tranquil world of Bizibilder. The last couple of days have lead both he and Mrs Bizibilder to become aware of a strange red glow in the house. This was accompanied by an ear-splitting silence where once there was a noticeable throbbing noise to be heard. The intensity of the glow would change from time to time in a slow but seemingly regular pattern.

The over-temperature light had triggered on the freezer in the kitchen. It had failed! The temperature had risen so that our prize fish fingers had become flexible enough to be returned to swim once again in the sea!!

The cheese was sweating at the thought of this miraculous escape and the bread quietly dried and curled at the edges (it must be understood that bread without butter, feeling naked, is always rather shy).

The last piece of sweetcorn hung on to the edge of the basket, looking out across the countryside, as we drove to the tip. It was the end for the freezer.

It was also the end for the sweetcorn. I ate it.

New freezer is in. No red light. Throbbing returned. Life normal.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Many years ago, when Bizibilder was only three or four years old he was taken for a few flights in a light aeroplane by one of his godparents. It was in a type called a "Proctor". Bizibilder had almost forgotten about these treats until a school trip to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford where, much to his surprise, he saw this little plane hiding away in the corner of one of the hangers. He recognised it instantly and took a photograph of it before it could run away and hide for another fifty years!!

Bizibilder is truly AMAZED!!!!!
A quick look on the internet and lo! He has found a photograph of the actual aeroplane that he flew in all those years ago!!
What is even more amazing is that the photo was taken in 1960 at Bagington (Coventry) aerodrome - the exact time and place that Bizibilder remembers those flights. We flew there from Denham to see the air races that year!!
Bizibilder would have been quite small all those years ago and so could easily be hiding somewhere in the picture!!

Bizibilders neighbour, Mr Overtheroad, has spent the last couple of weeks rebuilding his front garden - it was a real weedpatch. Bizibilder thinks that he has done very well and that the result looks good.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Bizibilder has just dug this old drawing out as he was clearing out some things - he drew it when holidaying in Norfolk a few years ago. These were the old farm outbuildings at the place he and Mrs Bizibilder stayed - P.S. - its not quite finished!

Royal Caroline

As you can see Bizibilder is making a model ship. This is to keep him occupied during the long, dark Norfolk winters. If he had nothing like this to do Bizibilder would surely get up to terrible mischief!!

You may like to look HERE for further photo's.

A Day out Fishing

Bizibilder went for a day's fishing yesterday - didn't catch much but he did manage a few photo's of the place and its inhabitants.

Air Traffic Control

Bizibilder calls this picture "Air traffic control" it was pure luck that it came out as it did, He was only trying to photograph the bee in the centre - the other two just flew into frame at the right moment!