Thursday, 30 July 2009

A New Fishing Venue

New fish 3 New fish 2
New fish 1 Bizibilder had another day out fishing today. Just for a change he decided to try a new venue. There are dozens of lakes and rivers in Norfolk but Bizibilder has not been very adventurous! Dunham is a tiny village close to where Bizibilder lives and so he tried his luck there. It is an interesting venue as it was constructed in the late 1960’s by damming and flooding an old railway cutting (Oh dear, Dr Beeching again!!) Ownership of the land has been with the same family for generations. The lakes are well stocked and have been allowed to become quite weedy. This has resulted in an exellent natural balance and crystal clear water.

Bizibilder did manage to catch a few small fish as he spent quite a bit of the day looking around the place and dodging thunderstorms.

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