Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Things have been amiss in the tranquil world of Bizibilder. The last couple of days have lead both he and Mrs Bizibilder to become aware of a strange red glow in the house. This was accompanied by an ear-splitting silence where once there was a noticeable throbbing noise to be heard. The intensity of the glow would change from time to time in a slow but seemingly regular pattern.

The over-temperature light had triggered on the freezer in the kitchen. It had failed! The temperature had risen so that our prize fish fingers had become flexible enough to be returned to swim once again in the sea!!

The cheese was sweating at the thought of this miraculous escape and the bread quietly dried and curled at the edges (it must be understood that bread without butter, feeling naked, is always rather shy).

The last piece of sweetcorn hung on to the edge of the basket, looking out across the countryside, as we drove to the tip. It was the end for the freezer.

It was also the end for the sweetcorn. I ate it.

New freezer is in. No red light. Throbbing returned. Life normal.

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