Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Whilst reloading all the stuff that Bizibilder had on his old computer to the new one, he remembered his favourite computer game of all time. In fact it is the only computer game that Bizibilder has owned and played! He has, over the years. become quite an expert at it. It is a citybuilding game set in ancient Egypt, along the banks of the river Nile.

"Pharaoh" is much more of a game of thought and strategy. You build a series of towns and cities, people arrive and you have to tend their every need as they progress to the heights of Egyptian society (if you let them!!).

The screenshot shown here is the first scene of the first mission. You can see a few ostriches - they make exellent food! a road and a grassy area to build on. The brown muddy areas around the edges are the floodplain of the Nile itself. Eventually Bizibilder will be able to farm these to provide more food for his citizens.

Bizibilder may play through this game again over the next few months - he will, of course, keep you informed as to his progress.

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