Monday, 31 August 2009

Bizibilder has been very busy recently - He has acquired a small telescope for his recent birthday so that he can return to his old hobby - Astronomy.
Just for the fun of it he pointed the lens of his "point and shoot" digital camera at the eyepiece tonight and the results are shown here.
(They are TERRIBLE!)
But just go to show what could be achieved with considerably more care and attention.
The lower one has been "enhanced" with "Infranview" - free picture fiddling software that I need to learn how to use.

They also explain the silly picture below!! Bizibilder was using the box as a mask to try and reduce the glare from the neighbours lights!! The final decision - Bizibilder definately needs an Observatory!!!!!

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  1. Yep - I like the top picture more - the other moon looks a bit bulgy!