Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Bizibilders Electric Clock

Eclock1 Bizibilder is currently (when he is not busy doing other things) making an electric clock. Here are a few pictures that he has taken of the parts made so far. The triangular frame (painted black) is the main frame of the clock and will be fixed to the backboard of the case. The “curly” brass frame is to hold the few gears needed in this type of clock.
Eclock2These are two of the gears – all cut by Bizibilder using home made cutters. (The blue colour is to help in the marking out process – the gears will be highly polished in the final clock.)
Eclock3 This is the hand wound electromagnet that is used to power the clock (a good bit of 1850’s technology!!) occasionally, as the pendulum swings over the coils, it is given a little “pull” to keep the clock going!

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