Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Hound of Hickling Broad

Church1 This was the scene of the crime, an old church in a village not far from the great broad at Hickling. A lethal cocktail of Chum and rapidly slurped water had lead to the dastardly deed. With eyes bigger than his belly the dreaded Black Hound had set his eyes and his heart on it - The Great Saussage Under The Table, dropped by one of the guests at the ancient villagers Wednesday afternoon tea party! He took it and ran as fast as his food-laden belly would allow – off into the countryside.
It wasn’t long before I, Inspector Brown Dog, was on the case. I leaped aboard my trusty yacht and started to search for the scoundrel. It was a calm day so we motored rather than sailed – speed was of the essence. I knew that Black Hound would not get far on foot and would soon have to take to the water.dog2

I searched both ways i.e. looking over both my right and left shoulders! I would miss nothing!

I asked the duck if he had seen Black Hound but he would not speak. No one would speak to me. They were all too scared to talk.

“I’ll tell you!” said Black Swan – he was the evil brother of White Swan, as I knew only too well. “ You’ll find an object of interest at the old boatyard”

I went to search…..

I found the weapon all right. But this was from another, far more evil deed of Black Dog – The Hide Mallet Murder!!!!!!

I got back on my boat and continued the search. Night was falling over the Broads…..

Next morning SUCCESS!! I found the stolen saussage left on the left bank!!

It was obvious that Black Dog had lost his nerve – and his saussage!

It didn’t take long to round up Black Dog and put him in a cell on the prison ship that sailed the broads for ever and a day.
There he stayed – never to steal again.
(With thanks to the animals seen and photographed on Bizibilders recent Holidays)

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  1. Please write a book - it would be awesome!!!