Thursday, 29 October 2009

All walls and Roof rails!!

The start of Bizibilders day – putting on the third wall. IMG_1177
Nice and square – so far all the shed parts have lined up perfectly, everything is square and straight. IMG_1179
Until now…….

The door frames were PIGS!!!  There are two upright strengthening pieces, screwed front and back, at each side of the door.  The holes on these did not line up!!  Nor did they align with the predrilled holes on the green front wall pieces.  This job took Bizibilder (with help from Mrs Bizibilder) over two hours to sort out.  In the end he simply drilled holes where needed!!

Bizibilder’s first Boo Boo!  He had not realised that the doors and their slides are FULL WIDTH (on a 6 foot shed!).  So he had to chop away a small piece of frame at the top of the walls. 
Another view of the full width door runners.  The lower parts of the doors will, Bizibilder hopes, just miss the frame without having to cut more away.  The top piece (that runs from on top of the upright off to the right) originally extended all the way to the front wall (on the left of the pic) He had to cut about 30mm away to get the runner in place.
This is only a problem on the 6 foot shed – doors on wider sheds don’t go right into the corners!
The first roof runner in place. IMG_1186
The roof runners are 1,5cm OUTBOARD of the top frame – thus the outer edges of the rails are 3cm wider than the roof frame.  When the roof is in place, weatherboards will be screwed to the outside edged of the rails and will therefore not foul the sliding roof.

(Says Bizibilder, with great confidence!!!)
You can see the offset here, looking along the rail. IMG_1188
A better view of that pesky front corner,  by the way, Bizibilder NEVER swears when this sort of thing happens – he just mumbles “Tut tut” and “Oh! Dear me”. IMG_1189
The rails in place, along with their corresponding uprights.  Bizibilder used “post-fix” to fit these into the ground – amazing stuff!! it sets solid in about 10 minutes. IMG_1190
Everything nice and level – Bizibilder is felling proud of himself! IMG_1193
Going dark!  One final look at the days work. IMG_1194

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