Friday, 30 October 2009

The clever sliding roof thingy…

Bizibilder had already assembled the metal roof and had cut out a kit of parts for the roof frame.  Assembly was comparatively straightforward – the only problem was that the roof was very flexible and not so easy to reach across – Bizibilder feels for those who make 10x10 sheds! IMG_1195
A corner joint showing the metal and wood bracing.  The longer screw is 120mm long.  They are taped here to show how the angled joint was made secure. IMG_1197
This picture is to show that you can buy “LONG SERIES” drills.  The lower drill bit is a normal or “jobbers” drill 3/32” by about 2.5” long.

The upper drill is the same diameter but a full 4” long “long series”.  Bizibilder includes this as, unless you are familiar with engineers tools you may not be aware of these drills.  They are most useful!
The roof frame and wheels in place – nothing is fixed here – its all a bit wobbly!! IMG_1200
“Look – NO screws!!”

You can also see the timber strip that guides the wheels.  There is one on each rail positioned outside the wheel.
Everything lines up perfectly – just as Bizibilder said it would – see yesterday’s post!!

(Bizibilder is feeling quite proud!)
Like an over indulgent beetle – flat on its back with its wheels in the air!

The assembled roof structure.
Details of the roof corner joints. IMG_1208
The roof in place for the first time.  Mrs Bizibilder helped lift it into position.  At a guess Bizibilder reckons the whole roof weighs about 70 - 80 pounds. IMG_1210
First opening – It actually works.  Bizibilder, of course, was not surprised at this success.  He always had complete confidence in himself.

(His head gets bigger by the minute………)
A weather board temporarily clamped in place.  It fits and the deliberate off setting of the runners (see yesterday) has worked a treat – no fouls anywhere.

The rails have also had a strip of timber added so that the roof slides in a perfectly controlled way (See pic above for detail of rail)
Bizibilder had to put the turnbuckles in today as heavy rain is forecast overnight, along with a good breeze.  The Observatory is not weather tight yet – at least the roof can’t blow away! IMG_1218
A final look at the days work. IMG_1219

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  1. Ok - now can we have a short video of the sliding roof in action please so we can see what it is like.