Saturday, 31 October 2009

A Cold, Wet and Muddy day……………..

The doors have been assembled and installed – They are quite flimsy and definitely not secure!  There will need to be some strengthening done here. IMG_1221
The side weatherboards.  These are longer than the shed for a very good reason – Bizibilder had clamped his over-length plank in position to check for clearances etc when he realised that, with the roof in the open position, the over-length boards helped block out a streetlight that can be a bit of a nuisance at times – So over-length side boards it is!  IMG_1222
Front and side boards in place – no fouls anywhere and only a gap of about 3mm all round the roof. IMG_1223
The front corner, to the right of the door, showing the structure.  There will be a metal brace put in at the top of the weather boards.  (It had been drizzling most of the day and was now getting quite cold - Bizibilders enthusiasm was waning by this time!) IMG_1226
The runners and rear corner. IMG_1227
The rear wall – the only weather board still to be fitted.  There will have to be some thought here to ensure that Bizibilder ends up with a good close fitting solution.  Whatever he does Bizibilder can do nothing about the rails sticking out through this wall! IMG_1228
Final view of the day. – Nearly finished now! IMG_1230

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