Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Grand Day of Progress:

The first parts of the “kit” that Bizibilder had made for himself laid out ready for the day’s work to start. Shed6
The corners and basic frame erected – all a bit wobbly at this stage.  Luckily Mrs Bizibilder had very little to do today (!) and was able to help hold things as and when needed.  The metal centre braces of the shed walls have been replaced with wood.  The uprights are 75x75mm and the braces 45mm square. Shed7
Lower braces in place just above the metal base plates. Shed8
Close up of the lower brace joints.  The wood is EXACTLY the same width as the metal base so that the walls will just touch the braces as well as the base.  The wall will be screwed to the base and the braces. Shed9
The “half way up the wall” brace, again exactly the right width. Shed10
The top rails in place.  These overhang the uprights so that the walls can be screwed directly to them. Shed11
Top rail brackets from below. Shed12
Top rail further strengthened by an additional corner brace. Shed13
The first bit of wall in place – this was the awkward one – not much room for Bizibilder between the wall and the fence.  There was some choice language at this stage of construction! Shed14
The back wall complete.  This took over an hour!

(The carrier bags are there because Bizibilder had to put a temporary brace across the top rails.  He then proceeded to bang his head several times!! Hence the carrier bags)
Second wall complete – A twenty minute job!!

(The “open end” with the temporary brace and carrier bags is where the door will go)
This shot shows how the braces fit between the uprights and the wall panels. Shed17
Similar view but this time the top rail.

All in all a good eight hours hard work.  Bizibilder is tired and is going for a short nap!

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