Saturday, 24 October 2009

Observatory Shed Build – At Last!

At last!  Bizibilder has started to construct the Roll-Off Roof Observatory proper.  Hopefully he can complete the main structure this week (As it is Half Term). 
He often wondered why he bought himself a set of large spring clamps – now he knows – they are REALLY useful for holding parts in place whilst trying to get nuts and bolts to behave themselves.
He is working on cardboard boxes to avoid scratching the metal shed parts on the concrete floor of his garage.  Notice the kneeler – Bizibilder insists on comfort now he is getting on a bit! Roof2
The corner panels on and the whole assembly ready for checking to make sure all is “square” Roof4
Bizibilder has taken to counting out exactly the screws and washers needed for each section of assembly.  He hates playing “pick-up five hundred” – “pick up a dozen” is much more his style!  It has the added advantage of allowing him to check that he has selected the correct screws – these sheds have several “nearly the same” sizes within each sub-assembly.  Self-tapping into thin sheet metal has also caused some concern – no stripped threads so far!! (There is NO WAY you should use any kind of power tool for this sort of assembly!) Roof5

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