Sunday, 25 October 2009

Progress is SLOW!!

Shed1 Progress has been slow today as Bizibilder has spent most of the time deciding how on earth he is actually going to assemble his Observatory!  The base rails are in place and this has allowed him to make some decisions as to how construction should proceed.  In the version that he is following posts are concreted into each corner of the structure – giving both strength and rigidity.  Bizibilder does not have that luxury – he will have to work on the surface of the concrete base.  The design of the shed  itself has also slightly changed from the example being followed which has resulted in today being used for thinking rather than building.  Bizibilder has also spent a fair amount of time painting the timber needed as much of it will be inaccessible once construction starts. 
saw1 To cheer himself up Bizibilder has been to the shops and bought himself a cheap and cheerful cut-off saw, this should result in some reasonably accurate cuts and corners – he hopes!

Its amazing how this could be made, shipped halfway round the planet from China, with everyone involved managing to make a profit – and be sold for just under 35 quid!!

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