Monday, 2 November 2009

Another day done…

Bizibilder managed to do dozens of little jobs today. The most obvious being the bracing of the roof rails. IMG_1247
The ends of the rails will be cut and tidied up once Bizibilder is sure just how far the roof needs to go back in the most extreme case – no point in cutting now and finding that the rails are a bit short!!IMG_1249
Bizibilder has also stripped off the original silicone sealant that he used round the base of the shed – it did not stick to the concrete properly – hence the leakage seen when it rained. The new sealant says “sticks to concrete” on the label – We shall see!!

He has also come up with an idea for preventing water ingress through the sliding doors – Build a porch!! The doors will then not require such a perfect seal to keep the rain out – He hopes.

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