Sunday, 29 November 2009

Bizibilder puts his braces on…

IMG_1281 To solve the door problem Bizibilder has spent a VAST sum of money on 10 metres of 20mm x 20mm aluminium angle (A quarter of the cost of the original shed!!!).
Anyway – three braces, as seen here, were enough to straighten the door panels.  This proved to work! Bizibilder did a trial door hanging and the difference was quite remarkable!! The door slid easily (with no appreciable shake) in both directions – success!!  The door was also tight against the runners – hopefully making future weather sealing a somewhat easier task.
The top runner had to be slightly cut away to allow access to the door hanging holes.

(Sorry about the pics – the matt black paint is a pain to photograph!)
IMG_1284 Finally additional braces were fitted to the door simply to strengthen the structure.  Now when the door is shaken it is quite rigid – originally the door panels were so flexible as to be virtually useless.  I could easily flex them almost sufficiently to get the hung door to “pop” out of the bottom runners!  They are not “security” doors – and never will be.  Lets face it, its only a shed!

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