Sunday, 15 November 2009

A little touch of paint….

It was quite apparent to Bizibilder after his first (and, so far, only) observing session in his new observatory, that lights from the neighbours houses were reflecting of the nice bright white internal walls of the shed.  So Bizibilder has bought some matt black paint.  The trouble is that the temperature outside is barely warm enough and the paint is taking twice as long to dry as it should – He thinks he will wait for warmer weather! IMG_1259
He has also started to caulk around the lower door slides to try and stop the, admittedly small, amount of water that is finding its way into the shed.  It POURED down yesterday – the only water in the shed was below one side of the lower door track. 

So: The Porch seems to work!!!!!

(Bizibilder, of course, knew it would and is therefore most definitely NOT surprised at all!)
This pic shows “the new door problem” – both doors have bowed by about 1cm.  Bizibilder will have to make some sort of internal “frame” to try and get the doors flat again (and simultaneously strengthen the rather flimsy doors).  IMG_1263
Another view of the “bowed doors” – there is no point in trying to seal these gaps until the doors are made straight.  Hopefully this will also ease the currently VERY jerky sliding action of the doors.

They really are not very good at all – even for a shed!

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