Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Porch - I hope it keeps the rain out!!

Bizibilder’s Observatory now has a rather fetching porch – only a piece of OSB on a frame plus a couple of posts to make it look “posh”.

It will be covered in felt to make the whole thing waterproof as soon as Bizibilder can scrounge a suitable piece.
(By the way everything IS square – Its just that Bizibilder had to take the pic whilst standing rather too close to the Observatory.
The idea of the porch is to prevent rain from hitting and running down the doors straight onto the lower door rail and hence straight into the Observatory!! Bizibilder wants it dry in there! He decided that fitting the porch was easier (and cheaper) than trying to make the doors both robust and totally waterproof.

This pic shows the final shot of the bracketry at the “front” (door) corner of the Observatory.

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