Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The shot that I forgot!!

This is the shot that Bizibilder forgot!  It is quite important as the whole project depends on it!!

Each of the four corner posts was cut to length.  BUT with the slight errors in marking out and setting the saw to the line all the posts were SLIGHTLY different lengths - if only my a millimetre or so.   Additionally Bizibilder required all four corner posts to finish JUST above the height of the metal wall panels – so that all the rails etc did not foul the tops of the panels.

The solution he adopted was to use a strip of “damp proof course” (plastic tape 100mm wide and 0.65mm thick) folded over and over to “shim” the posts to the correct height – you can just see it, under the post, in the picture.  This worked very well, Bizibilder was able to control the heights of the posts very precisely, thus everything fitted as desired.

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