Sunday, 6 December 2009


IMG_1296 Bizibilder has finished the construction and modification of the doors of his Observatory.  Here are a couple of pictures of the new lower “sliders” for the doors.  When hung the doors slide easily both ways and there is less than 1mm free play on the bottom door runner when the doors are closed – slightly more when the doors are open due to the design of the runners.
The “sliders” are tapered slightly so that they follow the taper of the folded steel that they run in.  They are made of Aluminium and simply bolted through from the top. IMG_1298
IMG_1299 The “posh” side of the doors with the two hasp and staples in place.  All Bizibilder needs to do now is redo the matt black paint on the insides of the doors – which will be done in the warmth of his workshop - and then hang the doors for good.

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