Monday, 21 December 2009

Every little (LED) Helps!!

Bizibilder has been skulking around Tesco’s these past few weeks looking at their LED Christmas lights with a view to using them as “red lighting” for the Observatory.  These have finally been reduced to £5 (from£10) for a twenty LED set. IMG_1369
IMG_1370 First he had to cut the petals and strange plastic retaining ring off the back, then remove the red “inner petals”.  This has left Bizibilder with a string of LED’s about 2m long that he intends to somehow “fix up” once the snow that currently has half buried the Observatory has finally thawed.
Bizibilder thinks that he may build a holder for about six or eight LED’s to use as a “reading light” and to just string the rest along the north side of the Observatory as general background light – mainly for finding eyepieces that have run away and hidden!  The whole lot runs off a couple of AA cells – but for how long?  Nobody knows!! IMG_1371

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