Saturday, 12 December 2009

Let there be (first) light!!

IMG_1300 Bizibilder has finally attached the doors to his Observatory – if you compare this picture with one a few posts back you can see that the doors are now no longer bowed.  For the time being the building can be considered “finished” in that is is now useable.  There is still plenty to do – as soon as the weather warms up!!  There needs to be an outside step – so Bizibilder doesn’t have to walk on a flowerbed to get to the doors!  as well as an interior, slightly raised, floor so that Bizibilder doesn’t have to stand for hours on cold concrete – All the comforts of home!!
Bizibilder has finally put the telescope and mount into the Observatory.  The tripod is deliberately set to the proposed height of the pier (still to be finished) so that Bizibilder can check on visibility – especially low to the south. IMG_1304
IMG_1308 As snug as a bug in a rug!!!

All closed up and locked – Bizibilder’s Observatory, phase one, completed.

(The padlocks are the only visible security on the building – for obvious reasons Bizibilder is not showing or describing any further measures taken)

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  1. Will you have a small radio in the observatory to keep you company or would it be distracting? I think I would have a radio if it were me.