Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The start of the end of the pier show!

The top of the pier has now had its corners rounded and has been drilled and bored with the necessary holes.  There is a second top plate that is identical except that the central hole is 10mm clear for the telescope attachment bolt. (Unfortunately that plate is a little camera shy!)

All the shaping work on the top and bottom plates was done with a hacksaw and files – not too difficult really.  The holes with a drill press.
Bizibilders pier – waiting for the snow to clear so that it can be taken for welding – (there are some bracing plates that are not shown). 1m tall x5” diameter.

Starting on the pier adaptor – a billet of 4” steel 1” thick – First operation - drilling the central 10mm clearance hole.

Second operation – facing both faces of the billet.
IMG_1388  IMG_1392

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