Saturday, 5 December 2009

Turning things round…

Bizibilder has spent the evenings this week getting the insides of the doors braced.  It has been a long and repetitive job!

As the original door fittings have been scrapped a few new parts have had to be made.  The upper runners will still function as designed but may need a washer or two to get the alignments right.  However the lower door runners will no longer fit so Bizibilder has had to make new parts.  Originally a plastic “angle” (held in place with one screw) that was at least 5mm too “narrow” for the lower runner was supplied – it was effectively useless.
Four neat “lower runner buttons” were turned up on the lathe this afternoon.  These will bolt to the lower angle bracing and are sized to fit within the lower runners with minimum clearance.

(Oops! Bizibilder has admitted having a lathe!! whilst extremely useful for this kind of job it is not essential – suitable parts could easily be filed to shape, in fact there is no reason that they should even be round!)

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