Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dew prevention

To prevent Dew formation on his telescope optics – ( A regular occurrence with the colder evenings we have at present) – Bizibilder has made a dew shield for his telescope.  First he did a test to see which glue worked best on the material he was using.  Superglue (left pair) and contact adhesive (right pair with pencil between) were tried.  Both joints were stronger than the parent material so, for ease of application, Bizibilder used superglue. Gluetest
The Dew Shield in place – slipped over the end of the telescope tube - it is a good fit and holds itself in place.   Should it need it a piece of elastic could be used to secure it.  It is made from a piece cut from an exercise mat (cheap and cheerful from Lidl).

The shield is not there for insulation, it works by preventing heat radiating away from and thus cooling the telescope, leading to water condensing on the cold surfaces.  The mat is grey NOT blue as it appears in the upper photo!

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