Sunday, 21 March 2010

Adding a little weight to the proceedings…

A couple of pictures to show the extra counterbalance weights in position on the declination shaft.  These were needed due to the addition of the small telescope to the set-up.  Bizibilder reckons that he is now at the maximum design weight allowed on the EQ5 type mount.
These two are enough weight – the small one may be moved a little to account for extra’s like a camera (if Bizibilder ever saves up enough for a decent one!)
A close up of the new weights in situ.
As it was a nice day today Bizibilder also spent some time caulking around the inside of the base of the observatory – the next stage is to install the wooden floor and comfy matting – concrete is very hard and cold to stand on for any length of time, nor is it a very good surface for dropped eyepieces to land on!!

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