Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bizibilder floors it!!

Bizibilder has finally got round to installing the false floor of his Observatory.  He intends to make it from 18mm OSB.  The timber merchant cut a sheet of 8x4 for him, as well as a further off-cut to make up the needed bits.  The joists were 50mm x 50mm treated fence posts.  The whole lot cost just under £20. IMG_0143
There are two main boards 24” wide.  Each has two “joists” one just in from the edge and the other overlapping to take the two central boards (see later).  The cut outs in the corners are for the corner posts.  Bizibilder was concerned with the boards sagging at this distance between the joists but a “jump up and down on it” test showed that he need have no fears – 18mm board is pretty strong!! IMG_0158
First a polythene membrane was put down this is to prevent any problems with moisture finding its way through the concrete base. IMG_0146
The two main boards in place – you can see the overlapped joists ready for the two filler boards. IMG_0171
The coping saw in use to cut the hole for the pier.  The blade is at 90 deg to the frame and is cutting sideways.  (This saw is designed to cut on the “pull” stroke so the blade is inserted with the teeth pointing towards the handle – many people put the blade in the other way and wonder why the blades snap with incredible regularity!!) IMG_0174
The first filler board in place – about 1cm gap all around the pier. IMG_0176
Progress so far today!! IMG_0178

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