Sunday, 28 March 2010

The end is nigh…But not yet it seems!!

A couple of shots here of the completely boarded floor after the membrane had been trimmed away. IMG_0189
It now makes a “step up” as you go through the door. IMG_0190
The first mat cut to fit the pier – Bizibilder was able to persuade this to go over the EQ5 mount without further cutting. IMG_0192
Three…. IMG_0193
Six…. IMG_0194
Nine…. All done and neat and tidy. IMG_0195
The finished floor with the walls white. IMG_0197
The finished job with the walls blackened with matt black paint (not quite dry in the photo!).  This is to minimise reflections off the walls from neighbours lights – quite a problem sometimes! IMG_0199

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  1. When it is all complete, will you do a short video tour of the observatory please??