Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Ann asked how does Bizibilder do sketches of the Moon?

Well this is a scan of his original sketch for the crater Aristoteles.  It was done in 15mins at the eyepiece of the telescope using an HB pencil.  Once done the dates, times and orientation of the drawing were added along with the crater identification in ink (this is because he always files the original sketch along with the finished “polished” drawing.
Bizibilder then goes to his desk and makes a start on the final drawing.  He initially draws the main features very lightly in HB pencil.
Then the black shadows are added with a fine nibbed fibre tip pen.  After that the various shades of grey shadow are added using 3B, 4B, HB and H pencils, a putty eraser, a regular eraser and blending stumps ( these are commercial, artists, paper “sticks” with pointed ends that are used to “pick up” pencil lead and “smudge” or “blend” it where needed.  They are kept clean with sandpaper)
Finally any further details are added along with the scientific data about the Moon (longitude of the terminator, time since last new moon, percentage phase etc)

The diagram is filed and Bizibilders master map of the moon gets another feature coloured in – his aim is to draw the entire visible surface of the Moon – a task that will probably take decades!!!
I hope this answers your question.

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