Thursday, 15 April 2010

Shelving an idea!

 IMG_0331 Bizibilder’s new refractor mounted in the observatory – He just needs a clear sky now!

One of the problems of a small observatory is having a place to put things like eyepieces, charts, notebooks, drawings, pencils and paper etc. – not to mention torches, spare glasses and gloves!
 IMG_0330 So Bizibilder spent much of today (AND £15!!) building himself a “moveable” shelf – that is one that could be unclipped from one place and put somewhere more convenient whilst observing (the observatory IS only 6’ by 6’).  It was a disaster! Clumsy, insecure and generally not up to the task.  Bizibilder went indoors and sulked.

To console himself he was thumbing through the Argos catalogue when he spotted this rather nifty kitchen trolley – EXACTLY what was wanted!!!
On wheels – so portable, plenty of shelves, even a drawer for bits and bobs!! Happy Bizibilder!

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