Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Step three….

IMG_0325 Bizibilder spent the morning mixing more concrete, this time for the Observatory step.  It is now laid and finished.  There is only one problem…….
IMG_0329 Bizibilder’s new refractor telescope arrived today and Bizibilder is keen to fix it to the mount in the observatory BUT the step is wet!!

Bizibilder will have to be patient!
IMG_0296 Bizibilder nearly forgot these!  For caulking the observatory with silicone sealant Bizibilder needed to get in at some funny angles into various nooks and corners!  So he made a bent nozzle for the silicone gun – simply heat a spare nozzle in a hot air paint stripper and bend, hold until cool and hey presto! He can silicone seal around corners!

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