Sunday, 18 July 2010

Coathanger in the Sky!

Coathanger labelled JPEG 

Bizibilder has been out with his camera again!  This time a widefield shot of Cygnus / Lyra / Saggita / Vulpecula – Most of which are quite small constellations.  The item he wanted to capture is called Brocchi’s Cluster Cr399 or “The Coathanger”.  It looks like a row of stars with a “hook”.  It is to the right of the word “Coathanger” in the middle of the image.  The bright star, top right, is Vega in the constellation Lyra.

You can also see parts of the Milky Way going from bottom centre upwards towards the left, the dark central area of the Milky Way is caused by dust.

(North at the top, West to the right. Canon 1000D 18-55mm lens at 18mm. ISO800, 5x2min subs stacked =10min exposure. Motor driven mount). 

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  1. wow - I am very impressed with this picture.