Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Day out Fishing

Bizibilder has found a new fishing venue – Bartles Lodge in the village of Elsing.  Norfolk UK.  There are three lakes at the venue.
Elsing is  near(ish) to where Bizibilder lives in mid-Norfolk.
IMG_0769 IMG_0767
IMG_0752 IMG_0748
The ducks were particularly friendly!!
IMG_0789 IMG_0792
As was this one!  He (or she?) spent nearly three hours hanging around, presumably for a “hand out” – He didn’t get one!!!
The aim of the visit!!  The lake Bizibilder was fishing was FULL of Carp like this one (about 4lb).  He caught several.
Mr Spider crawling along Bizibilder’s fishing line!!
A Grand Day Out – Bizibilder will certainly be going back to try out the other two lakes over the summer holidays.

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