Saturday, 28 August 2010

Just a Pretty Picture!

Arcturus JPEG

Just a pretty picture of the Star Arcturus in the constellation Bo├Âtes. Bizibilder took this first last night as it is a very bright star and he could use it to focus his camera and telescope.  The “cross” is due to the design of the telescope used (called a diffraction pattern).  Some folk think they look pretty others hate them!  Bizibilder, as always, prefers to sit firmly on the fence!!

Bizibilder’s first Deep Sky Object Photo

Hercules Cluster

Bizibilder is quite proud of his first DSO picture.  It is of the star cluster known as “The Great Globular Cluster” or M13 (Messier’s catalogue number 13)in the constellation of Hercules. It is a cluster of thousands of stars and is about 145 light years in diameter and is about 25,100 light years away.  It can be seen with the naked eye (just!) or binoculars will show it easily as a smudge.  This was taken with an 8” (200mm) diameter telescope.

(Eight minutes exposure, processed a little to eliminate light pollution.)

I’ve added a close up of the “core”:

Hercules Cluster 2

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Moon mosaic!

Moon 1stitch   Bri & Con   Flip

I actually took four pics of the Moon and have combined them here to show a mosaic of most of the Moon!  Unfortunately it clouded over before I could get the whole disc!  “Bother” said Bizibilder.

This is what all that building was about!

Moon 1

This is what Bizibilder has been trying to achieve with all his building and buying of Astronomical stuff!  Full Moon (when you can see the visible disc fully illuminated) was at around 6 o’clock this evening.  This photo was taken at around 10.30.  There is not much crater detail as, if you were on the Moon, the Sun would be directly overhead (ie “Moon Noon”) and therefore there are few shadows.

For Techies: 7” f/15 Telescope, prime focus.  Canon 1000D 1/250th sec ISO 1600. Contrast and brightness reduced (due to overexposure as the ISO setting is too high!!)(Excited Bizibilder!)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bizibilder the wildlife photographer!!

Or how Bizibilder found out JUST HOW DIFFICULT it is to take pictures of wildlife!!

These Grebes were a real pain – Bizibilder has extracted these from around fifty attempts at getting a half decent photo!
IMG_0045 This little chap (Now identified as a Reed Warbler) spent most of its time hiding!  It took nearly an hour of waiting to get this shot (and about twenty others “just out of focus, moving, facing the wrong way etc!!)
IMG_0054 IMG_0063
Mother and baby ducks – reasonably co-operative!!
Pigeon – just sat there – what a poser!! IMG_0134
Parting shot – a bit of natural atmosphere from a long lens!! IMG_0149

A Few Holiday Snaps – Norfolk Broads 2010

A few snaps of Bizibilders Holidays to the Norfolk Broads:

Below is the boat that Mr and Mrs Bizibilder hired for the week.
The yacht below, with the blue cover, is called “Ladybird” and was originally in a hire boat fleet at Herbert Wood’s yard at Potter Heigham.  She is now privately owned.  Back in the 1960’s Bizibilder (who was only small at the time) had holidays on her on several occasions!
A quiet morning view across South Walsham Broad.
  IMG_0907  IMG_0913            
“Albion” – an old Norfolk Wherry (working cargo boat) now a “living  museum” about to set sail.
IMG_1112IMG_1027IMG_1016IMG_1013 IMG_1080IMG_1014IMG_1081
The set of pictures above show Bizibilders current pre-occupation with the sky!  All showing different and sometimes quite peculiar lighting effects.
One black one, one white one……
IMG_0898IMG_1058 IMG_1056IMG_0908
Various Norfolk windpumps – used in the 18th and 19th centuries for draining the marshes.  The white one (top left) is fully restored.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Another day’s Fishing!

Mini Match lake

Another day out for Bizibilder at Bartle’s Lodge, this time on their match/pleasure lake (seen in the panorama above).  This lake is, to say the least, well stocked with fish!  Bizibilder spent a pleasant day catching them.