Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bizibilder the wildlife photographer!!

Or how Bizibilder found out JUST HOW DIFFICULT it is to take pictures of wildlife!!

These Grebes were a real pain – Bizibilder has extracted these from around fifty attempts at getting a half decent photo!
IMG_0045 This little chap (Now identified as a Reed Warbler) spent most of its time hiding!  It took nearly an hour of waiting to get this shot (and about twenty others “just out of focus, moving, facing the wrong way etc!!)
IMG_0054 IMG_0063
Mother and baby ducks – reasonably co-operative!!
Pigeon – just sat there – what a poser!! IMG_0134
Parting shot – a bit of natural atmosphere from a long lens!! IMG_0149

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  1. I like the little hiding bird he is cute!