Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A True Comparison

    IMG_0188Moon for comparison
M103 FinishedM103
M27 Dumbell FInished in GimpM27 Hercules ClusterM13
M71 Finished in GIMPM71 M45 FInished in GIMPM45
 M57 M57 Double Final Double
Bizibilder has always had a problem knowing just what size celestial bodies actually appear in the sky!  When looking at a photo (which is likely to be taken through some form of optical system and then cropped) one has absolutely no idea how big the objects that you can see actually are!!  So Bizibilder has reproduced these eight pictures here (They can all be seen in posts below).  They are all the full frame shot with no cropping at all, taken with exactly the same optical system – so they should give a good representation of relative size.  Bizibilder has included a photo of the Moon, for comparison, as this is a familiar object to everyone (in terms of its apparent size anyway).

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