Tuesday, 16 November 2010

22 Moons!

Moon 15 11 2010

22 Moons?  What is Bizibilder up to?  This is actually 22 separate images of the Moon “stacked” together to form a single image (all to do with getting a better “average” picture rather than just one where you may or may not be lucky enough to get “good” atmospheric clarity).  Taken at around 22.00 on 15.11.10  200mm reflector and Canon 1000D 1/640 sec at ISO 800 Temp was 0°C!! Ice on the telescope!! Brrrrrrrrrr!!).  The very obvious crater about 2/3 of the way up the left hand side is “Copernicus” and the large crater at the bottom – with a couple of craters inside it – is “Clavius”.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

M33–Two nights hard work!

M33 two sets data CS5 Processed JPEG

Bizibilder spent another fruitful night under the stars collecting more photons from M33 (which, by the way, started their journey L O N G before man was around on Earth!).  The results of two nights work have been combined to give the image above.  There is finally enough there to start to show the “knotty” or “wooly” appearance of the spiral arms.

(Total of 1hour 56min exposure at ISO 800.  200mm reflecting telescope at f/5. Canon 1000D) – By the way, Bizibilder is very “picky” with the quality of the images that he is prepared to “stack” into the final image!  A total of 53 x 2mins = 1hour 46mins were dumped! – due to trailing, smudging, and other blemishes!!)

The Great Nebula in Orion

Picture saved with settings applied.

This is a real “quickie”!  (Bizibilder was out in the garden last night collecting more data for his current project – M33).  He realised that the Orion Nebula was “in shot” between the trees that limit his view slightly.  So a quick 8mins worth was duly shot just so that Bizibilder could say he had a photo of this magnificent object.  The centre is very overexposed and the overall processing a bit rough and ready, to say the least!  (By the way, you will often see this object in books looking decidedly red in colour. Bizibilder is limited by the use of his DSLR camera that has a filter to cut out red!! Hence blue predominates the image. The problem is that the ordinary DSLR camera is not designed for astro pictures and Bizibilder is not inclined to have the filter removed).

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Messier M33 in Triangulum

M33 Small JPEG

Bizibilder spent all last evening taking pictures of this galaxy.  It is about 3 million light years away and is about 50,000 light years across.  The picture is made from 24 x 2 minute exposures – a total of 48mins exposure.  It is beginning to show some detail but not much colour. (200mm reflector f/5 prime focus 24 x 2 min at ISO 800 Canon 1000D)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Thanks to Mr Bahtinov……


Bizibilder has made himself a “thing” called a Bahtinov Mask (after a Russian called Mr Bahtinov of course!!).  It is made from a Tesco’s plastic clipboard with lots of slots cut into it in a very specific pattern.  The idea is that you put this over the end of the telescope and aim at a brightish star, this causes the diffraction pattern (spikes) shown in the second image.  The clever bit is that the central spike that passes through the “crossed spikes” will only be dead centre when the telescope is at perfect focus.  Simples!