Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Great Nebula in Orion

Picture saved with settings applied.

This is a real “quickie”!  (Bizibilder was out in the garden last night collecting more data for his current project – M33).  He realised that the Orion Nebula was “in shot” between the trees that limit his view slightly.  So a quick 8mins worth was duly shot just so that Bizibilder could say he had a photo of this magnificent object.  The centre is very overexposed and the overall processing a bit rough and ready, to say the least!  (By the way, you will often see this object in books looking decidedly red in colour. Bizibilder is limited by the use of his DSLR camera that has a filter to cut out red!! Hence blue predominates the image. The problem is that the ordinary DSLR camera is not designed for astro pictures and Bizibilder is not inclined to have the filter removed).

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