Saturday, 13 November 2010

M33–Two nights hard work!

M33 two sets data CS5 Processed JPEG

Bizibilder spent another fruitful night under the stars collecting more photons from M33 (which, by the way, started their journey L O N G before man was around on Earth!).  The results of two nights work have been combined to give the image above.  There is finally enough there to start to show the “knotty” or “wooly” appearance of the spiral arms.

(Total of 1hour 56min exposure at ISO 800.  200mm reflecting telescope at f/5. Canon 1000D) – By the way, Bizibilder is very “picky” with the quality of the images that he is prepared to “stack” into the final image!  A total of 53 x 2mins = 1hour 46mins were dumped! – due to trailing, smudging, and other blemishes!!)

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