Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Meteor Hunting!

Geminid Meteor

Bizibilder was out hunting Meteors tonight.  The Geminid shower is on view at the moment (just passed its “maximum” in terms of numbers of meteors).  Bizibilder took around 100 photo’s of 20 seconds each hoping to catch one.  He did and , not joking at all, it was the last frame taken!!  The meteor is the bright streak. Taken with just a camera and basic 18mm lens on a tripod.

He has processed the picture in Photoshop to remove light pollution and then drawn onto the picture the “outline” of the constellation Gemini and a part of Orion to help with orientation. He also marked the open cluster M35 also in the constellation Gemini.

Meteors are really only tiny dust particles often associated with comets.  As the Earth goes round its orbit it sometimes passes through this dust.  These particles burn up in the atmosphere and are seen as a “Meteor trail” in the night sky.  These are called the Geminids as they appear to come from an area of the sky in the constellation Gemini.  They are nothing to do with the stars!!

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