Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Pleiades

Pleiades JPEG1


This star cluster is easily visible to the naked eye (At this time of year - in the evening sky, SE at around 45° above the horizon).  You won’t see the nebulosity but they are a fine sight.  With the naked eye you should be able to make out seven stars from a dark site (My telescopic field of view only shows the middle five brighter stars of the cluster – Bizibilder will have to make a mosaic to get the whole thing in one image!).  The Pleiades are around 440 Light years away and are “young” - only around 100 million years old – (Our Sun is around 4.5 Billion years old).

The image is 71 x 1 min stacked (So around 1hour 11 mins total exposure time) and processed in Photoshop.  (200mm telescope Canon 1000D ISO 800).  ‘Twas a bit hazy last night and it shows in the slightly fuzzy stars!!

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