Saturday, 15 January 2011

Bizibilder’s been Mooning again!

Clavius Area Bizibilder finally has a webcam that has been modified for astronomy (nothing special! just pull the lens off and screw in an adaptor so that the webcam can replace the telescope eyepiece!).
So – out last night to take some pictures of the Moon and here they are:
Clavius and Barlow Both are taken as a “movie” of 900 frames. Computer software then aligns and stacks all 900 frames (and eliminates any really poor ones) to make a composite image – as you can see FAR better than the few frames that Bizibilder had been using with the DLSR camera!  This “close-up” was taken with an extra lens in front of the camera and is 2x magnified.
Jupiter Barlow crop Jupiter! Also with the webcam and lens setup.  Really awful atmosphere and by the time Bizibilder took the picture Jupiter was low over the neighbours houses – hence the poor image quality.  But you can see the belts and the fact that Jupiter is a slightly “flattened” sphere – it spins so quickly that it suffers from “giant belly bulge” around its equator!! (A little like Bizibilder himself!)

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