Saturday, 29 January 2011

Star clusters!!

M35Last night was cold so Bizibilder set the scope and camera on “auto” and went in to the warm.  This is the result – a picture showing the star cluster M35 in the middle – quite a loose cluster that is about the same apparent size in the sky as the full Moon. Along with the smaller, tighter, cluster NGC 2518 in the bottom right of the image.  Both these are in the constellation Gemini – The Twins.

(By the way, M35 means the 35th object in Charles Messier’s catalogue of 105 objects and NGC stands for the more modern “New General Catalogue” (of several thousand fuzzy clustery things in the sky!!).  Techie:  200mm reflector at f/5. Canon 1000D ISO800.  11 x 2 min exposures with 40 darks and 24 flats stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and tweaked in Photoshop.  Bizibilder has attempted a bit of colour enhancement in the stars.)

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