Friday, 28 January 2011

A wee (Giant) planet…

Jupiter 1  Jupiter 2

As he writes this Bizibilder’s telescope is patiently taking photographs of a star cluster called M35 – all fully automatic at last!! (Especially as its –2 and a biting East wind outside!).

Anyhow, a couple of pictures of the planet Jupiter taken about two hours ago.  Not the greatest of images but Bizibilder is pleased that he has achieved these as a couple of “starters”.  South is at the bottom of the images.  The South Equatorial Belt (the lower of the two main dark bands) has been “missing” for a few months but has now more or less returned to its former glory and is nearly “equal” to the North Equatorial Belt in intensity. (Techies: 200mm Newtonian reflector, 2x Barlow = f/10. Each image 600 frames with a webcam stacked in “Registax” and a little tinkering in Photoshop.)

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