Friday, 22 April 2011

Globula Cluster M53 (NGC 5204) in Coma Berenices

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This globular cluster of stars is part of our Galaxy (the Milky Way).  Although it is 58,000 light years away from the Solar System.  The image, taken last night, is made up of 18x5 min exposures (totalling 1h 30m).  Although the sky was “clear” there was considerable “high haze” which meant that “seeing” was not that good, however Bizibilder is happy that he has managed to get another successful ”guided” image!

Techie:  SW ED80PRO at f/6.5  Canon 1000D unmodded ISO800, 1h 30min of 5min subs guided with a SW 80mm refractor and SPC900 webcam.  29 Dark frames and 24 Flats.  Processed in Deep Sky Stacker and PS CS5 and a little help from “Noel’s Actions”.

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