Saturday, 9 April 2011

M51–(3 hours guided) Friday 8th April 2011

Picture saved with settings embedded.Moon ED80

Bizibilder has taken another step down the long road towards better Astro Imaging!  He has finally taken a fully guided image – by attaching a second telescope to the main imaging scope and using a webcam Bizibilder was able to “lock onto” a star and allow his computer to keep that star perfectly “fixed” in position on the image.  Thus there were no wasted images and Bizibilder was able to go up to five minute exposures at a time without any trailing caused by equipment errors and mechanical defects showing themselves.  The galaxy shown is called M51 – it has a companion with which it is interacting.  I have appended a quick snapshot of the Moon (taken with exactly the same optics) to show comparative sizes of the objects (see also m42, the Rosette and M101 in posts below).

Techie:  SW ED80 PRO, Canon 1000D ISO 800 , HEQ5 mount.  36 x 5min subs = 3h 00min total.  31 Flats, 29 darks, Guiding via SW ST80 and Phillips SPC900 webcam and PHD software.  Processed in Deep Sky Stacker and PS CS5 (inc. Noel’s Actions).

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