Sunday, 10 April 2011

Saturn with rings and things

Saturn 9 Apr 2011 aSaturn JPEG f30

Taken last night by making a movie of 1200 frames and the using the computer to select the 600 “best” and stacking them to produce this image.  Bizibilder is rather pleased (he usually is!!). As you can clearly see the “Cassini Division” in the rings as well as the faint banding on the planet itself.  At the moment Saturn is very low in the sky, from the UK, and is quite tricky to image.  The larger image was taken with an extra 2x Barlow lens in the optical train.

Techie:  7” Maksutov-Cassagrain at f/15 and f/30.  webcam at 10fps 600/1200 frames stacked.  Seeing reasonable with quite a bit of “boiling”.  Image processed in Avistack, Registax and PS CS5

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