Monday, 25 April 2011

The Whale and the Hockey Stick in Canes Venatici

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Bizibilder managed another imaging run last night, this time the target was a field containing several galaxies.  At the top is the “Whale” or NGC 4631, a huge spiral galaxy seen edge on, accompanied by a small elliptical galaxy NGC 4627.  Lower and to the left is the “Hockey Stick” or NGC 4656 and, making the angle, NGC 4657.  All these are part of a group of galaxies at a distance of around 30 million light years.  The sky was a bit mucky last night but Bizibilder managed three hours of exposure in 5min subs.

Techie:  SW ED80 PRO f/6.5  Canon 1000D ISO800 36x5min subs processed in DSS, PS CS5 and Noel’s Actions.

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