Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Sun on a showery Saturday afternoon.

18 June 2011 Annotated JPEG18 June 2011 White JPEG18 June Area 123418 June Area 1236

Bizibilder managed to dodge the showers and clouds this afternoon to get these photo’s of the Sun.  The large spot (now labelled Active Area 1236) has continued to grow and has some smaller spots following it across the disc.  Area 1234 is still visible but has become less well defined.  A new area (1237) of faculae has appeared around the limb.  Full disc photo’s Canon 1000D at prime focus of a 120mm F/8 refractor, stopped to 100mm,  ISO 100, 1/500Sec Baader Solar Filter.  Lower two photo’s are from movies taken with the 1000D (and some fancy software to make a movie from its “live view” function) stacked in Registax (around 800 out of 1000 frames stacked).

Area 1236 18 June 2011 webcam  By using the webcam Bizibilder was able to get this close-up of group 1236. (The “seeing” was awful!!  Bizibilder tried to get a greater magnification but all he managed was a blur!)

PS Bizibilder has given up the rather silly (if pretty) “Orange Suns”!

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