Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Sun Sunday 24th July 2011

24 July 2011 JPEG24 July 2011 JPEG Annotated

Bizibilder has reverted to colour pictures of the Sun!  This image (as the only difference between the two are the labels) was taken this afternoon and processed carefully to try and show a little of the surface granulation of the Sun.  After a LOT of playtime in Photoshop Bizibilder reckons that he has gotten just about all he can from a single DLSR image!  There are only two active areas, 1259 which is a group of tiny sunspots and 1254 which is now just bright faculae.  The colour filter used seems to enhance the contrast on the surface hence the reversion!  He has also submitted larger images – 1024x1024 so you can see more details.  The telescope and camera details are the same as for previous images.

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