Friday, 30 September 2011

Another nights work! IC 1396

29 September 2011 IC1396

Well Bizibilder must admit that this is not much to look at for the non-astronomer!  It is a nebula (a gas cloud, part of one really – called IC1396 - its very big) in the constellation Cephus.  Bizibilder was actually trying to image a specific part of the nebula, a dark patch of interstellar dust known as the “Elephant’s trunk”.  Part of it is visible top centre!  Bizibilder didn’t “miss it” its just that he wasn’t quite sure where it was in relation to the main nebula!  The image is not too bright, even though it was a 3h 30min exposure as Bizibilder’s camera is not designed to image red nebulae and actually has a filter that blocks much of the light!

Last Sun of September

30 September 2011 JPEG30 September 2011 Annotated JPEG30 September 2011 Close-ups30 September 2011 Long & Lat

Todays Sun. The seeing was quite good but, as usual, getting in from work meant that I had to image with the Sun barely over the observatory wall!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Final Process of the Double Cluster

Double Cluster – Large

The link above is to a large version of Bizibilder’s fully processed image of the Double Cluster in Perseus.  A smaller version can be seen below.  This is a total of 4h 10m exposure:


Picture saved with settings embedded.

Bizibilder forgot……

There have been a couple of clear nights recently!  On Wednesday Bizibilder started a project to get a good image of the famous “Double Cluster” in the constellation Perseus.  Here is the (roughly processed) first hour and 40 mins of exposures (20 “subs” of 5 minutes with the telescope locked onto a guide star via the computer).  He has a further 2h 30 mins from Thursday night to process and add to this image – digital imaging is great! You can take pictures on different nights and just “add them together”! Click to get a slightly bigger image:

Double Cluster 27 September 2011 rough processed

The big spot continues its journey across the Sun…..

29 september 2011 JPEG29 september 2011 Annotated JPEG29 September 2011 AR Close-ups29 september 2011 Long & Lat

The “seeing” was quite good today but the Sun was low down as Bizibilder can only photograph it after he gets home from work.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Sun again–with the really big spot!

27 September 2011 JPEG27 September 2011 Annotated JPEG27 September 2011 Close-up27 September 2011 Long & Lat

From very low down over the observatory wall. The seeing was fair but the altitude low! The big spot AR1302 is apparently "naked eye" size - but I don't advise looking!!


Monday, 26 September 2011

Wot? No Sun?

No Sun today folks – it’s just too cloudy. Crying face

Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Mucky Sun!

25 September 2011 JPEG25 September 2011 Annotated JPEG25 September 2011 CLose-up25 September 2011 Long & Lat

A real quality problem today!! These were taken through rather thick high cloud and haze (10.30BST).

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sun 24th September 2011

24 September 2011 JPEG24 September 2011 Annotated JPEG

24 September 2011 Close-ups24 September 2011 Long & Lat

Clear skies again this morning so I was able to take 4min avi's of all the spot groups. Seeing was variable so the final stacks were only around 250/2400. Full disc was 90/100 frames.

Friday, 23 September 2011

A Huge new Sun-spot has appeared!

23 september 2011 JPEG23 september 2011 Annotated JPEG23 september 2011 Close-ups23 september 2011 Long & Lat

A huge new AR has come into view (AR 1302). This should keep the Sun interesting for the next week or two! And I finally had clear skies.... The full disc image is a stack of 100 frames and the avi's were roughly 1800 out of 2400 frames each - much easier than cloud dodging!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Sun in a hurry!

21 September 2011 JPEG21 September 2011 Annotated JPEG21 September 2011 Long & Lat

Actually it was Bizibilder in the hurry!  There were only a few tiny gaps in the clouds and the pictures needed were taken over about 45mins, two or three at a time!  Bizibilder finally managed about 150 frames but quite a few were ”wasters” due to clouds.  The final stack is 112 frames to make up the image you see here.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Today’s Sun

19 September 2011 JPEG19 September 2011 Annotated JPEG19 September 2011 Close-ups19 September 2011 Long & Lat

Bizibilder is starting to have trouble getting decent images on the days when he’s at work - The Sun is low over his neighbours houses and seeing is very poor by the time he gets home, especially noticeable in the webcam close-ups. He may have to give up on these soon and just try for the full disc. Anyway the full disc is still interesting with a new spot group (AR 1301) coming into view!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday’s Sun–with a new, improved(?) “false” colour – hope you like it!

18 September 2011 JPEG18 September 2011 Annotated JPEG18 September 2011 Sunspots18 September 2011 Long & Lat

There were reasonably clear skies this morning though the seeing wasn't actually all that good - short periods of fine detail and long periods of "mush"! Anyway I managed a set of pictures - the larger close-up spot picture is a two pane mosaic.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Weekend Sun – dodging the hailstorms!

17 September 2011 JPEG17 September 2011 Annotated JPEG17 September 2011 Sunspot Close-ups17 September 2011 Long & Lat

Bizibilder managed to find a gap in the clouds today and took these. The four panel mosaic is a bit messy as he did this last and had trouble with a few wispy clouds. The session was curtailed by a torrential hailstorm!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday Sun on a less windy day

13 September 2011 JPEG13 September 2011 Annotated JPEG13 September 2011 AR close-ups13 September 2011 Long & Lat

Today's Sun. I was a bit late in from work today so the Sun was really low! Just about managed to get some images.....

Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday Sun in a gale!!

12 September 2011 JPEG12 September 2011 Annotated JPEG12 September 2011 AR close-up at 50%12 September 2011 Long & Lat

Absolutely atrocious seeing today with a gale blowing!! Anyway I managed a pic or two! The spot close-ups had to be reduced by 50% mainly to reduce Bizibilder’s embarrassment at having the nerve to post them!!